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Cakes have been a part of strange rituals for millions of years.

Have you heard of Celtic people? They celebrated something called the "Beltane festival". During this festival, they lit bonfires at the top of hills and would roll cakes down the hill. If the cake didn't break, they believed it would bring good fortune.



Cakes that don't break after a short fall from a cliff probably aren't very tasty.. luckily I make cakes that are bursting with flavour and highlight an event!


..even if it is a ritual.





not bought in,

or ordered in.


with a litte extra..


"a cake should have character  and make a  statement"



meaning the cake should be the talking point on your special occasion. My aim is to create a cake that will not only taste scrumptious but will delight you and be a memorable part of your special day.


So try me! I'll work within your budget and you won't be disappointed!

Hi, I'm Nika and I'm from a family of bakers, indeed  I have been baking from a very early age, still using many of our family recipes which offer a variety of flavoured sponges and yummy butter creams. I am located in Northwich, Cheshire.


My Grandma used to say:



cakes & cupcakes..


les prix

(the prices..)



12" Cake



10" Cake


8" Cake




6" Cake



cake stand hire available

3-7 tier acrylic cake stand


£1.50 (each)

single cupcakes


12 cupcakes

(gift boxed)


24 cupcakes

(gift boxed)

for wedding, christening and speciality cakes please contact me for a price.


 can i help you with anything?

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Please feel free to contact me regarding a special order or with any question you may have.


Please refer to the prices page for my charges.


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Nika Woolley

+44 (0)7919922451


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